Who does she thinks she is
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A Young Mom Writes

A great letter came today from a friend of co-producer Kerthy Fix:


Hi Kerthy!

I was excited to read about Who Does She Think She Is? and even more excited when The Maine Women’s Fund brought the film here to Portland…I just got home from seeing it!! It was followed up by a wonderful conversation about balancing all that we as women and mothers have to balance in our lives. It is extremely timely for me, as I am a few days away from giving birth to a second daughter and two weeks from graduating with my Master’s in Social Work.

One of the local “panelists” that they got to help run the discussion was Kate Philbrick, a photographer here in Maine who was my teacher at the Salt Institute. One of the audience members was a professor of mine in social work school…

During the discussion Kate and Layne happened to be sitting with one empty chair between them in the circle…and I imagined myself in it, between my photography world and my social work world…it’s a place I thought I had resolved by choosing to go to social work school, but there was that empty chair, staring back at me with a big question mark.

Perhaps my photography-vs-socialwork thing will continue to be a place of tension (or harmony?) in my life.

Anyway, it is a time of contemplation and reflection for me and your film has come into my life at exactly the right moment. I was so thrilled to see it.

Hope you are well and enjoying the success of the film – it was VERY well received here in Portland. I wish every woman I know had been able to be there, especially those of us juggling the very elements addressed in the film.



Thanks Katherine. So great to read your thoughts.


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